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KYB is designed so that women engage with the Bible passage through four different methods each week by:

  1. answering the daily questions at home 
  2. group discussion 
  3. the Leader’s summary after the discussion and 
  4. the KYB review notes provided with each study.


Some benefits of study with Know Your Bible are:

  • A daily devotional pattern is established for each person and all are nurtured by God’s Word
  • KYB Group Leaders are encouraged to study and become effective in sharing the Word with others

If you are interested in joining or starting a KYB study group in your area, please contact us here. One of our KYB Co-ordinators will contact you with details of nearby groups

If any of these studies interest you and your group please  Click here to order a hardcopy and request the study you would like.

Leviticus, Jesus and us: Themes of Leviticus

Series: 2022, Term 4 |   Cost $8  Available end of September

Leviticus is all about the LORD’s intense desire to draw close to his people Israel, and for them to draw close to him. But God is holy, and they were not. How could they possibly draw near to him? Through the instructions in Leviticus, God gave his people the answer. Perhaps to our surprise, Leviticus was good news for ancient Israel!

Why then would we study Leviticus? All of God’s word — including Leviticus — teaches and equips us to serve him (2 Timothy 3:16–17).

Leviticus helps us understand: 

  • God’s holiness and grace
  • our sin, and its deep cost
  • God’s unfolding plan of salvation
  • how Old Testament laws expressed God’s character
  • our privilege, living when animal sacrifice is no longer necessary
  • how much God wants us to live Holy lives
  • what we mean when we say Jesus died for us


Paul’s life and teaching: Compelled by Christ’s love

Series: 2022, Term 3 |   Cost $10


“Love is kind and patient, never jealous, boastful or quick tempered. It does not keep a record of wrongs that others do. Love rejoices in the truth, but not in evil. Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful and trusting. Love never fails!”                                                                      1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

Today we often use Paul’s beautiful words about love at weddings and other special events. But Paul orginally wrote these verses to a church with serious problems, and to people who criticised him. It is in this chapter we see the evidence of God’s work in Paul’s life. Before he met Christ, Paul was full of selfish ambition, violence and hatred – yet God had transformed him, and Paul now wrote these amazing words about love.

As we study the Life of Paul these same words on love will encourage us to take a fresh look at our own hearts. We will see our need of God’s transforming touch to show this love to others. We will discover more fully that the change in Paul shows us that no-one is beyond God’s grace. No matter what our past has been, God can give us a fresh start, a new identity and purpose, we who are nothing can be filled with Him who is everything – and that will make us something!

Acting on God’s Promises: The Book of Joshua

Series: 2022, Term 2 | Passage:  Joshua 1-24   (149 copies left) Cost $10

God never leaves His work unfinished! Joshua completes what Moses began.

The book of Joshua starts where Deuteronomy stops and we see Joshua leading the Chosen People, overcoming the enemy and occupying the land God had promised them. Joshua completes what Moses began, and in this we learn that God never leaves His work unfinished. We see God, the great Craftsman as always having another tool sharpened and ready for use. This study also helps us to see that service is for everyone and that we too can honour God best by taking up our task with a strong and resolute heart that trusts Him. God was now speaking to Joshua.

God is still speaking today; and if we listen, we will hear Him speak to us.

“So be strong and brave. Be careful to do everything my servant Moses taught you. Never stop reading The Book of the Law he gave you. Day and night, you must think about what it says. if you obey it completely, you and Israel will be able to take over this land.”            Joshua 1:7-8


Following Jesus: The Gospel of Mark
Series: 2022, Term 1 | Passage:  Mark 1-16    (55 copies left) Cost $10
Mark wants his readers to know exactly who Jesus is, and to respond to Him. Mark wants more than just amazement at the wonderful things Jesus did. He wants them to believe in Jesus: here is the Messiah, the Son of God, listen to Him!
Mark writes, “And He did this”, “And He said that.” He also shows us that Jesus must teach people, He must cheer people. He must heal people; they were sick and suffering. He must free people; they were under the power of Satan. He must pardon and cleanse people; they were sinful.
We see Jesus preaching by the seashore and selecting four of the fishermen to become His first disciples to learn under His guidance how to become “fishers of men.” They were to take all their practical knowledge and skill used to catch fish and use them to catch men and women. We will also see that Jesus never called any idle person. He called busy and successful people to follow Him. People who at once left their nets and followed him.
The action in Mark is rapid, and events appear to be happening before our very eyes. Mark’s descriptions are short and direct, but he preserves many things for us that would otherwise have been lost. It is only in the Gospel of Mark that we are told, for example, that Jesus was a carpenter. Mark tells us that Jesus took little children, “in his arms.” He also tells us that Jesus was “grieved,” that He “sighed,” He “wondered and He “loved” (Mark 10:21).
Let us approach this study with teachable hearts as Mark takes us on a journey with Jesus. May we ‘see’ Jesus through Mark’s eyes: God’s Son, Messiah — and respond with repentance, belief, obedience and worship, remembering we have the privilege of having the Holy Spirit to teach us and empower us to live the way God wants.

Past Old Testament Studies to order:

Genesis  25 – 36 God builds a people  ( 6 left)  Sale price $3

Genesis 37 -50 Intended for good,  5 unit study $8

Judges: God’s discipline & deliverance  Sale price $3

2 Samuel: The ‘house’ that God built   Sale price $3

1 Chronicles: David – Kingdom & rest  Sale price $3

2 Chronicles Part 1: Kingdom & worship  Sale price $3

2 Chronicles Part 2: Kings of Judah   Sale price $3

Nehemiah: Faith & perseverance  (13 left)   $10

Psalms for pilgrims: Psalms 120 – 136,  5 unit study Sale price $3

Amos & Micah: A message for our time (38 left)   Sale price $3

Nahum, Habbakuk & Zephaniah: The end of evil  Sale price $3

Haggai & Zechariah: Challenged, empowered, restored  Sale price $3

Past New Testament Studies to order:

 Acts 1 – 12:    Gospel & growth    (21 left)  $10

Acts 13 – 28:     Message & mission    (14 left)  $10

Colossians & Philemon: Anchored in Christ (61 left)  $10

Letters of Peter: Godliness and salvation, 5 unit tsudy  (134 left)  $8

Gospel of John Part 2  Sale price $3